Adaptable iPad kiosk solutions and software

Want to do like Nordstrom in the US and buy 20 000 iOS devices to your stores and then never use a single one in your iPad kiosk solution? There is a lot to think about here and we support iOS devices out there but there are several tools we recommend to have in place.

There are plenty of options with iPad hardware. And there will be multiple configurations possible. Our software runs on all different iPad options. The iPads offer great graphics and a very durable graphics card for your ipad kiosk solution. Also many store staff will recognise the device from home which can make support easier. Also to consider is that iOS is a closed operating system so there might be some limitations to consider if you are evaluating an iPad kiosk solution. Feel free to contact us to consult us what your specification is and type of retail.

On some major iPadOS updates our team has suffered. It can be very stressful to not be able to communicate with your iPad devices in-store due to a bug in the iPadOS software. We have had to wait for software fixes a number of times from the Apple team over the years.
You can also read more about the hardware developments and updates around iPads on the Apple website (link).

To summarize there are many factors to consider about your environment and requirements if an iPad kiosk solution is the right way to go for example: what type of devices you already support in the stores, how many countries you cover, which budget will the devices be purchased from.


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