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Onboarding solutions
for shoppers and employees
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ID24: IKEA leads international self-checkout evolution with mobile app scanning, reducing queues and boosting revenue

Our recently published study, released on March 13, 2024, surveyed 101 companies in the Nordics. It focuses on the adoption of self-checkout systems among retailers and sheds light on how the industry perceives the implementation of self-checkout in stores. Our findings indicate a notable increase in interest towards the emerging trend of mobile app self-scanning, particularly at IKEA and major grocery retailers.

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ID24 second-displays improve your CRM and clienteling

Stores and hotels can enhance their onboarding process by integrating the ID24 second-display software with most CRM/POS solutions. With extensive experience in thousands of installations across 20 countries and various retail sectors including fashion, pharmacy, grocery, and hotels, we facilitate data collection, promote mobile app downloads, gather customer feedback, and simplify member identification. Our second-display solution typically increases transactions linked to members, improving overall engagement and loyalty.

Our new employee onboarding solution requires additional consultancy services to streamline the initial working days for new colleagues. In most cases, no additional IT tools are necessary, though some integrations with existing task management solutions may be recommended. We plan to update the website with use cases so please stay tuned.

Capturing data in-store? Here are five common examples commented by our legal team

Data capture is at the heart of everything we do. The announcement of new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) allowed us to review how we capture data in retail and the best processes.

We know that many businesses are still unsure about the impact of GDPR, and how best to approach the subject. As a result, we put together a list of tips centered around best practice for full compliance with the regulations.

Enrollments, improve retention, offer digital receipts in-store or collect feedback.

Update missing emails to members, validate emails or promote app downloads.

Create e-commerce profiles in the store, show available stock in-store, monitor the uptime.

Read which features and customers help to improve their business utilizing second displays.

Installations done in over 20 countries


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