Use cases

Excel at your retail business by improving data capture, achieve more likes on Facebook, use e-receipts as an engagement and more.

Send the receipts digitally and include some nice sharing features for your customers. Allow them to post the item to their social media and much more. Increase customer service and save the environment at the same time.

The first step to understand your customer is to collect data from them. If you can do this in a digital manner the data quality will be much higher. If you do it at the till you will get heaps of data. We know.

Once you had several channels – or shall we say multichannel retailing. But now all those channels start intersecting and challenging your business. That is called Omnichannel retailing – welcome to the Future of retail.

Can more likes on social media drive sales? We know it can and so do you. We can help you to attract more attention on various platforms and spread the word about your brand and products.

When you operate retail stores and you start to look at collecting data e-mail capture is a great first step. Via digital receipts, loyalty or for feedback it is a and low cost communication tool.

If you are wondering something about your customers – simply ask in a nice way! You will be surprised how many answers you will get. We are happy to help out for in-store solutions.

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