Are you curious about tablet data collection?

We have plenty of experience when it comes to tablet data collection and happy to share the example from Nordic Choice Hotels. The solution has been live for many years so we have experience in how to support such a solution across many countries over time. Apple can offer some challenges especially when they do bigger OS updates from time to time. So there are aspects to consider when you plan your tablet data collection tool.

Tablet data collection on iPads

Nordic Choice Hotels chose iPads as their hardware of choice since they also support iPads for other business functions. In general the iPad offers a nice user experience for tablet data collection since it has powerful graphics capabilities and many people know they can interact with a device like this.

The iPads run the ID24 software allowing new members to sign up and existing members to identify on the iPads. These interactions are later linked to the PMS booking system through the cloud. We are proud that we were able to make this solution work without any chance in the PMS booking software. This meant that we could pilot and roll out the solution a bit faster with less project dependencies.

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Tablet data collection

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