Use your store to live stream when you have the capacity

Live stream from your stores to generate sales during the pandemic. Allow your existing customers to book a personal 20 min call, pay remotely and pick up outside the store.

Once you deploy tablets to your stores you have all the technology in place to stream directly from the stores. Allow customers to setup a 20 min call and there you go. Something to help out when traffic is low.


ID24 helped to sign up many customers and members in-store over the past years on second displays (iPads / tablets in many case). These members are normally linked to specific stores.

Proactive suggestion

Email and invite these customers and allow them to schedule a live video appointment (20 minutes) with a personal shopper (store associate).

Live meeting

The live call is done via the same signUp tablet (iPad) with a store associate and all products from the store are displayed during the call on the camera (each store can have an individual account on Messenger, Zoom or Whatsapp or what you prefer). The store associate can help to fill out an online order or make an arrangement for the shopper to pay online and collect the bag outside the shop.

Since we are a small team of 14 people we can easily help you move fast in this direction and test this in a few stores if you like.

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