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Allow customers to enter data themselves
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The ID24 solution plugs easily into any existing POS, CRM or system for e-commerce. Helping our retail clients improve customer loyalty, offer e-receipts, increase the average purchase, capture feedback or simply offer e-commerce in-store. We have multiple software modules for different retail verticals.

Our solution works both completely non-integrated as well as integrated with POS. Over the years we have integrated with POS companies like Wincorf Nixdorf, IBM, Futura, Hiltes and Microsoft Dynamics. We make sure that one of our 50+ modules will not add waiting time at POS ~ we simply utilise the time that store staff take to process transactions, creating a better customer experience.

Any tablet as your barcode scanner

We work with any hardware – both industrial and consumer grade tablet (incl iPads, Samsung, Windows). We customise casing mounts and add features like power over ethernet (PoE) or LAN / NFC.

Explore the features we can include to your second display solution. The customer facing second display can scan 1D and 2D barcodes, identify your customers at point of purchase and also allowing the customer to enter their data themselves instead of having to say personal data over the counter.

On the image you can see different ways of customers interacting with a second display solution.

id24 second display identification iPad

Capturing data in-store? Here are five common examples commented by our legal team

Our legal team put together five examples for you to study. Many examples are taken from common situations we see at different retailers today. 

We are aware that this area will keep updating as soon as we have more cases to study. Feel free to contact us with your own examples and questions around this topic.

Collect contact info, identify customers easily, send e-receipts, get feedback at the POS and more. Plenty of basic features to enjoy!

Validate e-mails in real time, collect opt-in from existing members, promote app downloads, social media, integrate your franchise and more.

Create e-commerce profiles from the stores, allow customers to see available stock in-store, monitor the up time of your solution and more.

Excel at your retail business by improving data capture, achieve more likes on Facebook, use e-receipts as an engagement and more.

Live right now in over 20 countries

Thousands of customer interactions every week at point of sale


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