Speech to text to speed up
tax free forms

With the speech to text technology the shopper can fill out the entire tax free form much faster thanks to the speech to text solution. This reduces checkout time and improves the customer experience when it comes to tax free shopping.

We have a great dialogue with the main established tax free return companies on the global market in order to add on the use of a tablet with ID24 software. This ID24 software is now equipped with new speech to text technology. This new effort is initiated as a separate business entity since 2022.

speech to text tax free form

To read more about speech to text technology in general you can also visit the Wikipedia website about it (link).

Speech to text helps to fill
out any kind of form globally

The speech to text tech from ID24 is ready to be deployed for retailers to improve the customer experience. The second display software from ID24 already has been deployed to 20+ different countries which is a great experience when we launch the tax free returns opportunity globally.

How the second display solution works

The ID24 software solution offers retailers an additional customer facing display with intelligence built into the software. The Swedish company ID24 has a patent pending software allowing the shopper to perform tasks in parallell while the cashier is doing their tasks. The ID24 software has more than 50 modules today.

The second display solution from ID24 boasts over 3000 installations at multiple different retailers internationally. Now with the addition of the new speech to text modules since 2022 and the new business launch within the same company group we hope to be able to scale the business and market reach even further.

Next generation functionality

As we look into the future we can see these interactive devices doing more than just tax free forms and we can tie in loyalty, advertisements and many other features.

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