Any hardware as your second displays

Touch monitor, payment devices or consumer/industrial tablet

Any material


Angled cables


Custom mounts


Robust second displays with 1d/2d scanners and LAN

We offer anything from custom second displays in steel to any fixture for a consumer-grade tablet as your second display. Depending on your requirement we can recommend an Android, iOS or Windows tablet as your fixed kiosk second display. If your second display needs built-in Wifi / LAN, scan 1d barcodes / 2d barcodes we also have solutions to pilot before rollout. We have experience in projects that don’t require POS integration to speed up a pilot and proof of concept.

second displays

second display

Fixed cables are screwed on tight to not lose connection

second display

When you select a consumer tablets as your second displays there are many things to factor in. Lose connectors can be one challenge. If you are able to build fixtures for your second displays the benefit is also that you can secure the cables to be connected. In a Large Retail Enterprise solution the key to success of your second display project is a high uptime. There are more benefits to consider apart from ruggedized connections to your second display. A durable tilting solution, an add-on to your Space Pole mounting, a secure lock feature and also the ability to move a tablet around for other purposes. Read about Second displays on Wikipedia

We offer custom mounting for any consumer grade tablet

If your taste is geared towards consumer grade tablets for your second displays we are happy to assist with the mounting, installation and ongoing support to make sure the solution is up and running with a high uptime. We have partners to help and make sure that the customer facing second display are always available to be used in-store by your customers.

Second display ipad hotel
Second display using ipadsAdd custom iPad mounts to your second display solution - like they do in this hotel chain

Read more about the hardware we build in Sweden used for CRM displays and many other use cases. You can get them in ruggedised steel to make it last longer in demanding environments.

The ID24 second displays can be used to avoid POS integrations. A stand alone solution that can help you out for pilots when a POS integration might seem like a costly investment to begin with.

If you are wondering about the capabilities of our lab and the costs for our services and repairs feel free to peek in here to learn more. We are always keen to get our hands on the latest gadgets.

Retail businesses are driving more technology in-store. But how can customers engage with digital signage since they don’t come to a store to browse the website?

You might consider iPads as your second displays and we have plenty of installations like that. We have learned and know what works and what to think about.

Are you looking for locks to your second displays or some other accessories? Feel free to browse and read more what we can expand the solutions with.

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