Retail swish module for your second display? We added modules for Vipps and Mobile Pay also. Mobile payment adoption in-store is expected to quadruple in Sweden and double in the Nordics the coming years.

Swish supports many different ways of payment, like typing a recipient’s mobile number manually into the POS, scanning a QR code, and now also a Bluetooth wireless transmission. There are thus many ways how to implement a retail Swish solution in-store today. ID24 joined as a Swish partner. And we have released new retail modules in its second display solution to accept Swish, Vipps and Mobile Pay payments on customer-facing screens in-store. This can run on any customer-facing tablet or POS monitor.

A study published in the retail magazine Dagens Handel shows big changes to expect in the Nordics. The adoption of mobile payments in the surveyed retails stores is expected to quadruple in Sweden and double in Denmark, Finland and Norway by the end of next year. This new retail swish module solution from ID24 will work on any POS to make things easier and will meet market demands.

The survey we conducted compares many more options besides Swish, Vipps and MobilePay. The full report and findings is published on: Click here

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