Register more emails in store at the till or at kiosks throughout the store

It is a big challenge for retailers to register more emails when subscribing via paper forms in-store, or having the store staff typing in the customer’s email into the point of sale computer. Data entry is not always accurate, and some fields may be missing. With ID24, new members

can register their contact details including email on a second customer facing display in-store. No staff involvement necessary.

Every country has a different format for mobile phone numbers, postal codes, addresses, e-mails, which are all customized in the 57 different flows in the ID24 software. This helps to register more emails in store and other data from the customers in the most efficient manner. We optimize keyboards depending on country and region to help to speed up and also simplify the interaction with our solution.

Registered emails are correct as they are entered and validated digitally by the customer himself on the touch screen. This is truly a great way for retailers to register more emails.

– Register 97% correct e-mails

We have proven in over 20 countries that allowing customers to register e-mails themselves is the best way to acquire correct e-mail adresses.

– 98% complete registrations

We customize the registration flow for each country. This way we carefully select each step.  Then we select which steps are mandatory and which can be skipped. Also some busier days some steps can be inactivated to speed up the registration process.

– Great way for retailers to register more e-mails

If you are looking to capture data and e-mails from customers in-store this is the best way to do it. Customer facing displays at the point of checkout will do this job for you. No staff involvement necessary.

– No more paper forms and data entry costs necessary

The traditional way of allowing customer to fill out paper forms is a very expensive way to register customer data. Also customer data quickly becomes old and outdated. By allowing the customers to update their data directly on a customer facing display you will have the latest customer data.

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