We adapt POS forms for touch screens on your second display. Keyboards are adapted for each field and helpful help buttons speed things up for the shopper.

When you want users to fill out POS forms for touch screens there are many things to keep in mind.

First of all the built-in keyboards in the different operating systems can be optimised depending on the field the user is entering on the POS forms for touch screens. We do just that. Our software adapts to each field and also the language preference of the user. We can for example offer keyboards in Cyrillic for Russians, Turkish for Turks, Swedish for Swedes etc. We are currently live in over 20 countries.

We also have API connections in many different countries to help suggest most of the data that needs to be entered. Again speed is of importance and help buttons can make things faster for the user.

If you want to deploy POS forms for touch screens like an iPad in your stores then we have a software solution for this need.

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