Controlling point of sale digital signage content. Keep videos and images updated.

We provide a point of sale digital signage solution to your brick and mortar locations. More and more point of sale hardware come with a customer facing screen to display the item list. Many point of sale digital signage systems are not set up by default and retail companies miss out on a valuable marketing opportunity. These second displays normally have more space to display other content too than just the item list and a logo.

We can help to schedule different content for different times, delivering different content across multiple clusters. Imagine communicating recent videos and campaigns. All of this managed on a database and cluster level. The point of sale digital signage will display relevant information when you frequently update your content.

Handling dual input from multiple touch monitors is the most challenging part of our development. This areas touches upon the most vital parts of an operating system. Low level handling of inputs and drivers are the veins that make the machine’s brain and heart work. Helping to improve any multiple touch monitors setup will require your software developers to have an extensive knowledge and patience to solve dual input for each hardware setup. There are many different second display hardware setups out there.

There is another page on our site related to relevant 15″ hardware options that you can find here (link).

For a list of traditional digital signage solution please visit the G2 website (link).

Picture showing a point of sale digital signage opportunity at Deichmann.

Point of sale digital signage

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