We tie naturally into your Omnichannel retailing strategy

Omnichannel retailing is a buzzword in the retail industry. It will force your different backend systems talk to each other. By adding ID24 into your architecture we can quickly integrate multiple franchise partners into your omnichannel retailing solution. So the customer sees the same but the back ends are tied together using ID24 software to link existing POS, CRM  and e-commerce solutions. Boost CRM and improve e-commerce quickly by  integrating it directly with the ID24 API and see your omnichannel retailing flourish.

Allow shoppers to now create an e-commerce account in store, linked to their preferences and habits which we capture on the in store second screen and based on their transactional data. You can then entice the same customer when they are home with online offers and promotions which are personally tailored to them and see your online sales soar. Growing all three channels together. Now that’s real omnichannel retailing.

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