Nice to have features

Validate emails in real time, collect opt-in from existing members, promote app downloads, social media, integrate your franchise and more.

As the customer enters their email address we can validate this information in real time and provide feedback where errors occur

Collect opt-ins or digital signatures, we can help you to adhere to legal requirements in different countries. We are live in over 20 countries today.

The customer interaction at POS is a nice opportunity to drive more app downloads. Make it easier to sign up for the mobile app.

Global fancy retailer with stores around the world? You can still have the same second display solution from ID24 and centralised clienteling from all around the world.

High traffic locations will always benefit from interactive second displays. Have the shopper do some of the work to bring down the transaction time.

Communicate to more customers on social media? More followers on Twitter or Facebook? Your second displays at POS will help you to reach your targets.

Allow shoppers to pay with their mobile in-store? We can help you without changing your POS, easy and pretty quick.

Understand your customer in order to offer them the best product, price or experience. Using our analytics for example.

POS surveys are a great way to collect customer feedback. Our software engine can turn off this features during peak hours.

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