MemberPad solution at Nordic Choice

In 2018 we rolled out the memberPad solution across most Nordic Choice hotels (200) in Scandinavia. The new memberPad tool simplifies for new members to sign up and existing members to identify. We were able to integrate the memberPad solution in a seamless way not requiring any changes to the existing softwares installed.

Here is a one minute video of the installation at Nordice Choice: Click here

A list of features in this environment:

– Digital member sign up on the memberPad

– Real time email validation and correcting type-O:s

– ID24 identifies existing members on both memberPad and in booking software

In the NPS feedback scores we asked the hotels to give feedback on the memberPad solution we scored over 9 out of 10 which we are very happy about. Every sign up is linked to the person working at the reception which makes it possible to tie into the existing staff campaigns.

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