Nordic self-checkout study:
IKEA leading the evolution

101 retail chains in Sweden were surveyed regarding their usage and views of self-checkout systems. The study identifies both the grocery sector and IKEA as leading the development. We received valuable insights from the team at IKEA to accompany this study regarding their experience with mobile app scanning. This study shows that many retailers are integrating mobile app scanning to further reduce queuing time.

IKEA and grocery retailers are far ahead

As the early survey results showed that IKEA and the grocery industry is far ahead in this area, we were able to conduct in-depth interviews with IKEA as well as leading grocery chains to gain a deeper understanding of their first-hand experience with mobile app self scanning.

These interviews collected valuable insights into how widespread mobile scanning technology is at IKEA.

IKEA leading self checkout

IKEA adds mobile scanning to its mobile app and self checkout solution

Mobile scanning is deployed internationally

IKEA has deployed mobile app scanning in 30 countries. The company reports that Scan & Go in the IKEA mobile app is 65% faster than traditional self-checkout. In the interviews IKEA also shared that customers are 1.3x happier with their checkout experience through using the app. Our in-depth interviews were also conducted with grocery retailers using the mobile scanning technology to glean insights and benchmark some of our results.

Theft is a number one concern

Despite theft being a number one concern for the development of self-checkout solutions, our interviewees’ insights on mobile self-scanning apps demonstrate the efficiency for customers starting early in the shopping journey. These insights signify that self-checkout solutions will keep growing in popularity and mobile scanning is driving the next phase of self-checkout developments.

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