Offer ereceipts for retailers on the customer display at the point of sale

It is possible to allow customers to email a receipt directly or upload it to their online account in the e-commerce solution with our ereciept for retailers solution. Customers can then simply type in their e-mail address asking for a ereceipt on the second customer display.  Ereceipts are a great engagement tool for retailers demonstrating another digital channel but also a great opportunity to collect more customer emails.

Customers can also identify themselves on the customer display as an existing member and be sent ereceipts automatically. The customer will then receive a digital copy of the purchase or have it uploaded to their online account. By offering ereceipts as a retailer, and making it easier for customers to use the second customer display for this feature – you will add more privacy to the customer and reduce workload for the cashier. Ereceipts for retailers is becoming a more and more important feature that customers will request.

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