Offer ereceipts for retailers on the customer display at the point of sale

Allow customers to email or text an ereceipt directly with our ereciept for retailers solution. Shoppers can then simply type in their email address asking for a ereceipt on the interactive customer display. Ereceipts are a great engagement tool for retailers demonstrating another digital channel but also a great opportunity to collect more customer emails. If the shopper is already registered in your CRM you could also upload the ereceipt into their online account in the e-commerce solution instead of the email or text.

Another option to make things automatic is to allow shoppers to receive the receipt automatically each time they identify themselves at the till. The shopper will then receive a digital copy of the purchase or have it uploaded to their online account. By offering ereceipts as a retailer, and making it easier for customers to use the interactive customer display for this feature – you will add more privacy to the customer and reduce workload for the cashier. Ereceipts for retailers is becoming a more and more important feature that customers will request.

Here is a page on our website about our software offering a digital receipts solution. (link).

You can read more about a digital receipt on second displays on our use case page: (link).

Just like on our other page about digital receipts we also recommend this article on Wikipedia about digital receipts if you are interested to read more on the subject: (link).

Ereceipts for retailer icon – from the customer display

ereceipts for retailers

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