Offer eLoyalty with or without a card

Our opinion is that in a modern eLoyalty solution your customers in-store can identify themselves with any ID they carry 24 / 7 – for example lastname, email, their online account, your national ID and more. That is why we chose the name ID24. Add more options for your customer to identify themselves without a card and see your eLoyalty system excel.

Existing members can identify themselves on the ID24 touch screen using a membership card, national ID, mobile phone, or their name and postal code – this way you can offer a eLoyalty CRM without card. In case members forget their membership cards at home, they are still able to register purchases and access benefits. The see multiple retailers in different verticals moving away from the physical loyalty card and adding new components to offer a eLoyalty system without a card.

Mobile phone barcode

Existing members can identify themselves on the interactive display using a membership card, mobile phone or their name and postal code. This is one example of how your eLoyalty system will work without a card.

Mobile phone NFC

After identification a member can see previous purchases, use digital vouchers and update their details directly on the ID24 terminal. This shows customers that you have an innovative eLoyalty customer club.

Last name + postal code

Customers can type in any information to do the look up themselves. Last name and postal code can be one alternative – or also mobile number. We reduce the time of the transaction if we get the customer to type in their details instead of the store staff doing this part. A very important tool if you are thinking about offering an eLoyalty system without a card.


The same goes for email. It is important to have a unique email address to your customer. We can allow the customer to identify himself with his e-mail and after that offer a second field to confirm this is the correct person.

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