Superb digital registration in retail stores

Digital registrations in retail stores is a superb way to utilize waiting seconds. Collect data with less staff involvement during the transaction. An average transaction in a retail store could be anything between 40 second up to well over a few minutes.

We make the best use of the waiting seconds at POS and engage customers to do loyalty enrolments and digital registrations in retail stores while the cashier is performing the check out.

You are able to double up and triple existing numbers as well and update your existing customer database digitally. We have multiple years of experience offering digital registration in retail. We carefully monitor the impact we have on the waiting time to the check out.

Once you move away from manual to digital registrations you will see data quality go up and see more people engaging with your brand. You will see more correct emails and more enrollments when you compare digital with your traditional methods. Today we are more conscious about spreading germs, bacteria and viruses around us.

If you currently collect data in a verbal way this is a great way to improve the conversion rates by allowing the shopper to key in the personal data themselves. Anything from a mobile phone, postal address to an email. We have experience collecting data in over 20 countries and have a software solution that will adapt to any country and form complexity.
When we interview shoppers who use a digital registration in a retail store the feedback is normally very positive. There are help buttons present to speed things up, the data can be entered while the cashier is performing their tasks.

We don’t remove any functionality so if there are shoppers who prefer to have the cashiers do the digital registration in retail stores that will still be possible. Perhaps an older person or someone who is visually impaired could use an extra hand from the store staff in the retail location.

If you would like to pilot and test moving away from collecting data verbally by the cashier to a more streamlined process it is pretty straightforward to test a solution from ID24. We rarely require changes in the POS software and can run in parallel on the existing POS that is already in the store.

We can normally re-use the same data exchanges API:s you already use for the mobile app for example. This way you can do a digital registration in your retail store of a new user or also updating missing data on existing members.

Here is another link on our website with a use case around collecting data during peak hours: Click here.

Piloting digital registration in retail

A couple of things that could be good to keep in mind if you do want to pilot such a solution is to think about how many stores should be involved. Are you able to benchmark against other similar stores? Do you have data from previous years to benchmark against too? Perhaps the data set during the pandemic is not a good comparison and in this case you can also compare footfall and amount of transactions.

The percentage of transactions linked to customers typically increases in your pilot. So when you evaluate the ROI of such a digital registration in a retail project you can also include percentages as well as total data volume. You can also decide which modules to trial. Apart from the digital registration you can update existing customers.

You can also display advertisements and monitor upsales on products that have been displayed. There are multiple ways to maximize the return on investment of such a project. Finally we also need to recommend involving the store staff in the evaluation. When you succeed deploying a tool that is beneficial and popular for the store staff they will be inclined to use it more frequently.

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