We are here to help with your data capture in-store and data capture at POS

If you’d like to boost your CRM with correct data and more emails, as well as increase the number of customers in your customer CRM database, then data capture in-store and data capture at POS is a very efficient tool. We have plenty of experience from a number of retail verticals working with data capture at POS. The key element is how we can help to reduce the workload at POS and at the same time doing data capture at POS. We analyse the waiting seconds and adapt our solution to each project.

Data capture in store and data capture at POS is not only about robust hardware in the retail environment. You also need a software platform that can do data capture at POS in your different retail formats across your large retail enterprise business to speed up check-out across the different countries you operate in. Our team focuses on dynamic software solutions for each interactive display facing customers at POS. This way we make sure that we can help boost CRM solutions in-store in the right way.

The ID24 user interface software runs on Linux, Windows, Android or iPad, so you can choose any hardware. We translate the software into any language necessary, which will boost any existing CRM or e-commerce solution and ultimately help drive your business with data capture in-store and data capture at POS.

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