CRM tablet use cases

Excel your retail business by improving data capture, achieve more likes on Facebook, use digital receipts as an engagement tool and more thanks to your CRM tablet. Most of our clients use their second display including CRM modules and that is how we can maximize return on investments when deploying these CRM tablets.

The CRM tablet can be a standard tablet or a second monitor with touch attached to the same POS. So there are many possible configurations for a CRM tablet. Here we write about a couple use cases divided into sectors and then a few use cases divided into features.

On our Linkedin page we sometimes publish some of these use cases. Here is a link to the article about using the CRM tablet used for live streaming shopping events in-store. This is a recent trend during the pandemic to maximize the sales opportunities (link).

CRM tablet use cases GANT


Use cases per feature

Here we group a few examples per feature on how our CRM tablets have been used:

Send receipts digitally and include some nice sharing features for your customers. Allow them to post the item to their social media and much more. Also a way to improve your customer service.

The first step to understand your customer is to collect data from them. If you can do this in a digital manner the data quality will be much higher. If you do it at the till you will get heaps of data. We know.

Once you deploy tablets to your stores you have all the technology in place to stream directly from the stores. Allow customers to setup a 20 min call and there you go. Something to help out when traffic is low.

Can more likes on social media drive sales? We know it can and so do you. We can help you to attract more attention on various platforms and spread the word about your brand and products.

Read how CRM tablets can help to update missing consents and contact information to your consumer database. Reduce your inactive members so they don’t drop out.

When you are able to register more emails in store this is a great step to help improve your marketing. Now the customer can stay informed.

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