Extras that may come in handy with your exclusive touch screen scanner from ID24

Here is an overview of the options you have with every exclusive touch screen from ID24,  so that you may get the most out of your data capture, loyalty system or other application facing consumers in the retail environment.

You might find it a challenge to read 1D barcode on a standard consumer grade tablet. If an exclusive touch screen from ID24 with an integrated barcode scanning is not an option – then we could also help with USB or wireless options depending on the tablet.

Any pricechecker will read barcodes – the price difference might vary between reading 1D (traditional) and the new 2D barcodes. We have experience from offering both.

There are multiple wireless technologies out there that we support. Beacon readers, NFC / RFID readers are all part of the portfolio. We always recommend a hardwired solution to your kiosk.

If you have plastic cards with a magnetic stripe reader those are also possible to read. Typically there are three tracks on a magnetic stripe and we just make sure we read the tracks you need.

Price checkers are often wall mounted. We can create multiple wall mounts and make sure you have a robust and lasting solution. On metal parts we can offer 5 years warranty – and the return rate is increasingly tiny.

We have done leathered solutions for famous brands, we have done special metal finishes for others. No requirements is too tough. If we have to source 12 different shades of white to get the look and feel right – then that is what we do.

We have our own technology lab in Sweden where we develop our next generation solution and where we work with the latest technologies. We play with webcam scanning to bring down the price of price scanners and many other things.

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